Lighting a fire to help teens experiencing homelessness

Branding   Naming   

After 43 years, Teen Living Programs (TLP) recognized they needed a new name and brand that more accurately reflected the organization’s work today. The nonprofit serves youth experiencing homelessness and unstable housing situations. While TLP started as a place where youth could find temporary housing, over the decades, they had evolved into much more. They had become a nationally recognized leader in the space and a place for youth to reimagine their futures.

Ignite logo

Brand Vision

Substance developed the name Ignite to address the spark that provides the catalyst towards futures with promise. It tees up various words that capture a sense of possibility about the future.

Ignite hope.
Ignite advocacy
Ignite community.

We built a comprehensive branding system for them, including new name, message segmentation, and print collateral. The tagline “futures with promise” shapes the vision for the youth they serve; positive, making them aware that they matter.

Video courtesy of Storyview

Ignite banner on bus
Ignite signage