Building the healthiest community
in the region

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Community Memorial Foundation has a vision for building the healthiest region in the country. They accomplish this with a portfolio of grantmaking program benefits the entire spectrum of health and human services in their region.

Community Memorial Foundation logo

Brand Vision

Substance created a brand that captured the CMF vision: The healthiest region in the country. We designed a logo that represents a bold horizon of land meeting sky. It is unapologetically positive in its vision, and this sense of optimism and excitement is pervasive throughout the brand.

We developed a bold color palette, image set, and messaging that succinctly outlines their vision and message for the region.

Community Memorial Foundation website displayed on 3 devices
Community Memorial Foundation website displayed on iPad
Community Memorial Foundation website 1
Community Memorial Foundation website 2

Substance has the strategic ability to conceptualize a brand’s identity while capturing the unique and important details that set an organization apart. The CMF brand is an integral part of communicating our impact. Substance listened to our needs, guided our process and ultimately helped us communicate our mission and vision in a way that was clear, thoughtful, and resonant.

Beth Murin, Communications Director, Community Memorial Foundation