Smarter energy use for all

Branding   Naming   

CNT Energy is a leader in urban sustainability —more effective use of existing resources and community assets to improve the health of natural systems and the wealth of people, today and in the future. They needed a name and identity that spoke more overtly to a diverse set of stakeholders, based on the positioning “Smarter energy use for all.”

Elevate Energy logo
Elevate Energy merchandise

Brand Vision

Substance developed and vetted a massive list of names that spoke to the notion of “smarter energy use for all”. We came up with “Elevate Energy”, a name that addressed their goal of raising consciousness about energy use. The brandmark represents two elements coming together to advance higher, an apt metaphor for their goal of public education and advocacy.

The color palette is bright and energetic, meant to feel approachable but knowledgeable.

Elevate Energy business cards