Empowering the voice of Chicago youth

Branding   Naming   

The Chicago Debate Commission is the governing body for debate in Chicago Public Schools. We changed their name to the more provocative, and memorable Chicago Debates. Chicago Debates envisions a world in which Chicago youth are empowered to find their voice, succeed in college and careers, and become leaders in their community. While the students of Chicago Debates strive to win, they also strive together — as a community of young thinkers, doers, and advocates for change.

Chicago Debates logo

Brand Vision

The intertwining of the CD letterforms suggests the path our debaters look to follow. We developed a flexible and diverse color palette so the logo will appeal to the entire student population, regardless of age, gender, or background. We wanted to create a brand for a team of students as exciting as any school sports team. The inclusion of the stars from the Chicago flag ties it all together.

Chicago Debates banners
We rebranded at a time when we felt like we’d outgrown our name. It was important for us that we have a name that better represented the energy and passion of our debaters, while capturing the unique spirit of the city we are a part of.
Willa Voss , Chicago Debates’ Development and Communications Manager