CFSI. Where market makers create financial equity for all.


The Center for Financial Services Innovation (CFSI) is a network of financial service providers with a mission to provide more responsible programs and services to the underserved. By focusing on sustainable, long terms solutions that promote financial health, CFSI helps create long term markets for financial service providers. More important, the network helps put families on the path to financial health.

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Brand Vision

What distinguishes CFSI from other financial service providers is their sense of fun and their commitment to equity and inclusion. CFSI deals with serious issues but they strive to make complex issues readily understandable, even lively.

Substance developed a comprehensive iconography system that addressed a vast range of service and programs. We created an extensive array of templates for signage, print materials, and website redesign. Each icon speaks to a specific value or quality and they can work individually as a signifier or as a collage to brand the larger entity of CFSI.

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