Thresholds Health

Branding   Naming   

Thresholds Health is a full-service primary care health center that welcomes all members of communities on the west side of Chicago, regardless of insurance status or ability to pay. Thresholds Health was born out of the need and recognition that the integration of primary, mental health and substance use care is a proven approach to address healthcare needs. Their work is critical to a thriving community and a testament to the belief that healthcare is a right that should not be exclusive to those who can afford it.

Brand Vision

Having built the brand for Thresholds, Illinois’ largest nonprofit behavioral health care provider, Substance was well-versed in the Thresholds brand. Extending the brand to a comprehensive primary medical care provider was an exciting opportunity to capitalize on extensive brand recognition. We kept the Thresholds name as part of the name and simply added “health” to make the services offered self evident.

As Thresholds Health serves a diverse and multi-lingual community, the logo needed to be clear and easily understood. We developed a symbol that is based on the initials of each word in the name. The letterforms are modified to suggest an extended arm of care, the perfect metaphor for Thresholds Health.