A catalyst for connection.

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Ropella’s business suite consisted of three companies: Ropella, Ropella Equity Ventures, and Xcavate. They each had a different focus (executive search, company matching for venture capital and M&A, and finally, company research. But they were on a mission to unify all of their offerings under one brand.

The challenge was the lack of clarity in terms of how each business entity aligned with the other. There were overlaps in terms of service but no clear understanding of how it all tied together.

Substance developed the name and brand Ropella 360 to make the case for a unified suite of business materials, offering a 360 degree set of services.

Brand Strategy

“A catalyst for connection” is the key brand message that governs the visual development of the brand and logo. Being a spark for connection was the common denominator among all three business lines, and a natural fit for the visual expression of the Ropella 360 brand.

The Ropella 360 symbol is a series of interconnected elements that convey the feel of an emerging or twinkling star, with all of the segments building off one another. That theme of dynamic interdependency is the perfect metaphor for the Ropella 360 brand.

The three companies were integrated into one suite with the message “People. Platforms. Perspectives.” to allude to the services provided.

The brand is contemporary and forward-thinking, achieving a balance of being cutting edge without communicating risk.