A higher standard of anthracite

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Atlantic Carbon Group is an international provider of anthracite, the cleanest burning and most energy efficient coal available. An industry leader, their anthracite is a premium product, one that sets them apart from their competitors. In addition Atlantic Carbon Group has a focus on environmental responsibility, taking their role in mine reclamation and social impact very seriously.

Atlantic Carbon Group logo

Brand Vision

Substance created a logo that visually positioned Atlantic Carbon Group as a premium, upper market provider of anthracite. The symbol is an overhead rendering of a diamond. A diamond is literally the highest state of carbon, made from the compression of carbon over centuries. This visually signifies the premium product they offer, and ties directly into the tagline we developed, “A higher standard of anthracite.”

The website expands upon this brand language and story, supporting their message of environmental responsibility with specific metrics and visuals.

Atlantic Carbon Group website
Atlantic Carbon Group website iPad
Atlantic Carbon Group website
Atlantic Carbon Group website