Veronica Brett Site Now Live

It's hard enough for a woman to try on a swimsuit at the beginning of the summer. Men and women tend to be self-conscious about our bodies, a fact compounded by displaying it on a beach or poolside.

Now imagine doing this when you have lost your breasts due to a mastectomy and you have some idea of what many women have to confront each year.

Veronica Brett offers a line of luxury swimsuits to women who are breast cancer survivors and for women who have had breast cancer reducing surgeries.

My sister Patricia started the company, named after our aunt Veronica who we lost to cancer at the age of 44. My family drew the short straw when it comes to cancer. Many of us carry the BRCA1 gene, which predisposes the carrier to breast cancer. Consequently, three of our aunts have died from it, the first of these being Veronica. Another sister is a breast cancer survivor, and Patricia and my niece Gabrielle have undergone breast cancer reducing mastectomies.

Needless to say, this is a very personal issue for me. So when Patricia approached Substance to develop a brand and website for her swimsuits, it was hard to pass on the opportunity. We developed the tagline and message “LIfe never looked sexier” to focus on the beauty and strength of the women who are survivors.

The site focuses on the 2010 swimwear collection, modeled by the beautiful breast cancer survivor and model, Stefanie LaRue. Veronica Brett has been featured in Good Housekeeping, Real Simple, Body, Glamour and Redbook magazines.

Congratulations to Patricia and to survivors everywhere.