The Devil Is In the Details

One of the tasks graphic designers excel at as visual communicators is interpreting data and rendering it in a manner that is legible, concise, and aesthetically pleasing. It's one of the things that separates a designer from fine artist. Design is not purely expressive; it has the functional requirement of conveying information. This information can be a company's brand attributes, as rendered in their logo, or their product offering, as shown in a catalog or e-commerce website.

New York graphic designer Nicholas Felton takes this a step further, recording the minutiae of his day to day life and illustrating the results in a year end annual report. Cups of coffee, miles traveled, movies watched; they are all recorded throughout the year. The results are then presented in obsessively detailed charts and graphs.

I could never be that obsessive about tracking the granularity of daily life, but I admire his ability to record and transcribe, elevating the mundane to the graphically sublime. The typography and detail in these reports are nothing short of stunning.

Watch the video from Slate to learn more about his process and approach to the work.