Making the boring interesting, since 2005…

We recently wrapped up a branding and web development project for a professional services firm in the financial industry. Over a celebratory lunch, the client said by way of what I presumed to be a compliment, “Wow, you really made our boring stuff look interesting.”

I never really thought of it that way. One of the most fascinating aspects of being a graphic designer is having to learn all the nuances of a client and their industry before you can develop a meaningful message and brand proposition for that client. I knew nothing about leveraged financing, facilitation training, or private equity, but having done work in each of those industries, I can speak very intelligently about those respective industries.

Which may not win me friends at cocktail parties, but it certainly helps inform the work.

Contrary to the client's comment about their industry being boring, I find it intriguing to have to learn something new with each engagement. I've long resisted the design cliche