Listen. Do You Want To Know A Secret?

You've probably heard the news or seen the commercials by now. Apple recently announced the release of the Beatles songs on iTunes. The news was treated with great fanfare and the Apple website had an iconic image of the Fab Four splashed on their homepage. (Sidebar: Are there any images of the Beatles that are NOT iconic?)

Most anyone over the age of 16 has a copy of at least a portion of the Beatles catalog somewhere on CD, ripped to MP3, or laying around on good old vinyl somewhere. So why the fanfare? And more importantly, what is so timeless about this music and why do so many of us still care after all these years?

Some bands have eternal staying power, and people will continue to discover their music generation after generation. Some bands are of the moment; one-hit-wonders that make a splash and quickly dissipate into the white noise of pop culture.

Okay, now substitute the word “brand” for “band” in the above paragraph and this becomes more relevant to companies today.

Is your brand one that is going to stand the test of time? Will people have you top of mind next month, next year, and years to come, like the Beatles and the Rolling Stones? Or are you a one-hit wonder, the Milli Vanilli of your industry?