Home Sweet Home

This video developed by the American Museum of Natural History is nothing short of breathtaking when viewed in full screen mode. It maps the known universe, scaling back from the (relative) epic peaks of the Himalayas, through the galaxies and toward the limit of the knowable universe, and hence, the literal beginning of time. All done to scale.

It's quite moving to see where we stand in relation to the rest of the universe, akin to staring at the stars on a summer night and feeling blissfully insignificant in the grand scheme of things. When the film scales back from the known reaches of our universe back to Earth, it's quite comforting and makes me think of Earth as “home” in a fresh way.

I considered creating some dopey top ten list to commence 2010 but thought that this did a good job of visually putting our planet (and worries) into perspective and context.

Thanks to David Airey of Belfast for sharing this.