Getting Inky

It can be very easy for design to become an antiseptic process, devoid of the craft and general messiness that were a necessary adjunct to our profession in the days before the Mac. Don’t get me wrong, I love the Mac. I also love the fact that designers no longer work with rubber cement, spray mount, zylene markers and any number of other chemical and carcinogenic materials that no doubt took years off our lives in the early days.

And by early days I mean the nineties.
It is important, however, to roll up the sleeves from time to time and recharge the batteries a bit, by getting one’s hands dirty. I recently had the opportunity to do just that by participating in screen printing class at Chicago Printmakers Collaborative. The eight week class afforded me the opportunity to print up poster size reproductions of pages from our recent New Year's promotion. More importantly, it was a welcome break from so much time spent in front of the computer screen.
The CPC offers summer classes and workshops in silkscreening and etching for both beginners and advanced students.
A special thanks to the very talented (and patient) Megan Sterling who taught the class. Not only was she a wonderful instructor, she was kind enough to not berate us for the occasional ink spills and missteps that were left in our wake.