Change the Story

AIDS Foundation of Chicago has been around for almost as long as HIV/AIDs, dedicated to improving the lives of those affected by the AIDS epidemic. Going into their 25th year, AFC needed to launch a campaign to promote greater awareness, targeting potential donors and lapsed donors.

The challenge for this campaign was to balance creating awareness of AIDS Foundation of Chicago with establishing a sense of urgency about HIV/AIDS in Illinois. There is a level of complacency in fighting HIV/AIDS, fueled by the misperception that it is no longer a crisis or that it is simply too vast a problem to overcome. The campaign mitigates these challenges by establishing a personal connection with the target audience and putting the focus on Chicago, so it becomes a local issue.

We came up with the theme “Change the Story” to show how joining AFC in their fight against AIDS can affect measurable and powerful outcomes. The art direction leads readers to expect a sports or news story, but a statistic about HIV/AIDS provides a powerful and memorable twist to get them engaged. The campaign will begin to appear in October, culminating in a wider rollout through World AIDS Day, December 1.

Special thanks to Chris Matthews, Johnathon Briggs and everyone at AFC who have been extraordinary to work with on this initiative.