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Sunday Morning Coming Up

You can tell a lot about yourself by how you feel on a Sunday morning.

Something about the seventh day, even to those of us not given to a spiritual bent, lends itself to introspection, which in turn leads one to thinking about one's work life.

Before beginning Substance, I worked a number of creative agency jobs, all of which had their merits and challenges. I collaborated with some great people on some intriguing projects. Nevertheless, Sunday was a day to dread, the hours colored by thoughts of the week to follow. In some ways it was worse than Monday, the anticipation of the work week more daunting than the actual experience of it.

Any time I hear someone utter the loathsome phrase, “Thank God it's Friday”, I think to myself, “You really need to make some changes in your life.”

If you're living for only two days of the week, you're not really living.

My rule of triage for prioritizing business is this. Client work comes first, sales and business development comes second, and self promotion and marketing comes third. Consequently, this means Sundays are often spent at home in front of the laptop, brainstorming ideas.

As I sit hear drinking my coffee and sketching out layouts for this year’s holiday card promotion, it occurs to me how fortunate I am to do this type of work.

Thank God it's Sunday.