A Fine Balance

One of the challenges of owning a design firm is deciding what type of clients to pursue and what type of work to take on. Historically, we have been very successful with professional services firms, including a number of Fortune 500 clients, mixed with the occasional not-for-profit or pro bono work. The mix keeps things interesting and forces our thinking to remain fresh.

We made the decision at the outset of 2010 to consciously pursue not-for-profit clients that were doing interesting and socially relevant work. This work comes not at the expense of our existing corporate clients, but in addition to them in our client portfolio.

Our efforts have paid off, in our collaboration with AIDS Foundation Chicago on the 2010 Chicago AIDS Walk / Ride, and our continuing work with YMCA of the USA.

I'm thrilled to report we will be partnering with another great organization, the Illinois Humanities Council. The IHC, through programs and grants, promotes an understanding for and appreciation of, the humanities in Illinois. They fund numerous activities throughout the state, including seminars, discussions, performances, film, and the written word.

Any time we land a new client, it's always pretty exciting. But the opportunity to work with one whose mission directly correlates with many of my own hobbies and interests is a coup worth celebrating.